Want something different? 

We offer corporate events over two structures: half a day (3 hour) format or a 60 minute ‘breakout’ session. 


Our main priority is to create a fun and challenging team building experience; bespoke and flexible to accommodate your needs.

In this unique interactive team challenge, you will be part of the CSI team utilising methods and equipment currently employed by police forces in the UK including: fingerprint identification, hair, fibre and blood spatter analysis.

With meticulous attention to detail, the event is led by a professional Forensic Scientist and assistant who will teach you the methods and technicalities of CSI, hopefully leading you to your successful conclusion.


We provide a fun filled team building event for either an AM or PM session.


A foul crime has been committed, but no matter how hard the killer tried to cover their tracks, they left clues at the crime scene that will ultimately lead to their downfall. But can you find them in time and reveal the murderer’s identity?After a briefing in the ‘incident room’ from DCI Tina Treacy you will gather in your teams and dress in full protective scenes of crime clothing, after which you will visit the crime scene to gather your evidence, which you subsequently take back to the forensic lab for analysis. You will then need to act as detectives to complete your case notes, unmask the murderer and finally conclude the case; where your team could walk away with the top detective award. 


60 Minute Breakout

Do you have what it takes to beat the clock and work out ‘who dunnit?’

  • Report to HQ at your designated time where you will be given the MO and clothing to ‘suit and boot’.

  • You will sit in groups at your incident table and REAL forensic Scientist Tina Treacy will brief you on how to use equipment to ‘crack the crime’.

  • Go to your designated crime scene and collect potential evidence.

  • Return to your incident table and analyse your evidence against known suspect samples.

  •  Were you right or were you wrong?

  •  At the end of the session a police siren will blare.

Have you done it? Reveal your perpetrator.

Unique team building challenge which improves communication skills whilst being fun, exciting and often competitive! 

Groups from 10-30 but can offer flexibility

Authentic equipment and instruction from genuine forensic scientist 

Tests logical thinking, problem solving and observation skills


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